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Can I join now ?

Yes, just complete the Subscribe Now form

below and click Submit. It's that easy. You'll be

a Florida Equities member instantly. If we have

any additional questions, we’ll call you the next

business day.

When do I get my commission ?

You’ll get paid at the closing from the title company. 

If the title company makes the check out to Florida Equities,

we will pay you the following Friday after all funds have cleared.

Can I work out of your office ?

Yes, we have a corporate office in Fort Lauderdale.

But please think of using it as your virtual office only. 

Our agents customarily work out of their own home offices

and cars. Generally our offices are open for you

to come collect checks or drop off files, documents, etc.

What about commercial transactions ?

This division of Florida Equities, and this

program are specifically for residential transactions

only. While we also specialize in Commercial Real Estate,

this program is not designed for it.  If you have a

commercial transaction you’d like to present, call the

Broker and we work out the specific terms for your

particular transaction.

Do I have to join a board of Realtors ?

Yes, we are on local boards and you’ll

have to be.  You’ll also need a current, active

and valid Florida Salesperson or

Sales / Broker Real Estate License. 

Am I signing a long term agent contract ?

Stay as long as you’d like.

Cancel anytime with a 30 days notice. 

Do I have to work a desk or meet any monthly obligations ?

No, we are basically your last stop before

you become a broker on your own and open

your own business.  Think of us as your “virtual broker”. 

We fulfill your legal obligation to have a broker and take

care of managing your paperwork.  You set your own

sales goals and do deals at your own pace.

What if I’m a brand new agent, do you offer assistance ?

Florida Equities is designed for experienced

agents that are tired of giving away their commissions. 

Our brokers and staff are available for advice, direction,

questions and assistance with legal matters, contracts

and forms.

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Subscribe Now

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