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Commercial Real Estate


Having more than a century of retail and restaurant
development experience; spawning several well
know national tenants, the Florida Equities team knows site selection and can provide expertise
for any Commercial Real Estate transaction.

Values And Visions

We believe in our vision and values just as strongly today as we did the first time we put them on paper more than 15 years ago. It's who we are and how we continue to provide you with growth and success for decades to come.  >>

Residential Real Estate


Florida Equities Residential Real Estate was birthed over 10 years ago and has continued to steadily grow, regardless of the condition of the economy.


Florida Equities has and supports talented agents that consistently exceed even their own personal sales goals.

Agent Commissions


Paid At Closing



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Agent Commissions


Florida Equities is here to be your source for

information, so you can focus on what you do

best, buying and/or selling houses, fast.


  We pay our agents 100% Commissions at the  

  closing table and get you back to earning.       


With the programs we have designed for our

teams to grow, you can rest assured you’ve

made a great decision to be on ours.

Title Escrow Mort

Title Escrow Mortgage


Through strategic local partners and alliances

have the ability to handle your title, escrow

and mortgage needs with confidence.


Our relationships with our clients and our agents

are our first priority and we have taken the effort

out of their hands and into capable partnerships

to ensure your closings are on time and smooth.


Time is money. You spent the time, now you deserve your money. Florida Equities has been in business for over 15 years and has closed millions of dollars in deals. We are a boutique shop that gives you the personal, one on one service you require as an agent ready to close the next big deal.  >>

Florida Equities Real Estate Commercial and Residential. 100% Commission Agents. Florida Equities 6300 NE 1st Avenue, Suite 300, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

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